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Great back & traps workout last night; Pecs are sore; New night picture of house.

I had a great workout last night! I hit my back & traps, and I felt strong and energetic through the entire workout. I made a short post-workout entry in my journal.

My MyoTape finally broke last night. I’ve got to order another one today.

My pecs are so sore from Monday’s chest workout that it feels like I have weights tied to them. My abs are very sore, too, and by tomorrow my back and lats should be killing me. The first series of workouts after a week off always have this effect. The worst is yet to come: I work legs tomorrow, and I’ll be reminded of that all weekend long (and early next week, no doubt).

After my workout yesterday I went outside and took a new picture of the house with the finally completed landscape lighting. It was not fully dark yet, and the sky was the most amazing shade of blue. I’ve replaced the old night picture in our 2006 Garden Photo Album – it’s the 5th one down from the top. You can’t miss that incredible shade of blue, it really jumps out at you!

No workout tonight, but this morning it’s cardio as usual. I’m off!