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Going to the doctor this morning.

Thursday, March 30, 2006 by  
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I’m going to see my doctor this morning. This morning around 2:30 AM I was sick again, just like I was early Tuesday morning. I suppose I can rule out the chicken, because I’ve not had any chicken since Monday. Also, this sore throat I’ve been dealing with on and off for the past month keeps coming back. It’s probably strep, and shame on me for not going to the doctor sooner. I don’t like going to the doctor unless I’m really in bad shape, but I need to get over that bad habit and start going as soon as I notice something is wrong.

I’m feeling fairly weak this morning from lack of sleep and whatever this is that’s making me sick. The hard-assed side of me is telling me to get my butt in the gym and do my cardio, but my practical side knows that doing cardio this morning may not be such a good idea. I’m going to do the smart thing and skip my cardio this morning. One missed day isn’t going to kill me. Tonight’s leg workout depends on what the good doctor says.

On a positive note, I’m down to 203.4 this morning and right around 9% body fat! It’s been a productive month of fat loss. I’m going to wait until my new MyoTape gets here (my old one broke this week) until I “officially” change my body fat stat.

Have a great day!

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