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Awesome back workout; Mental tricks that help keep you honest; New picture.

Wednesday, April 5, 2006 by  
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Last night’s back workout was one of my best ever. Something new I’ve been doing lately is supersetting my deadlifts with shrugs. Supersetting shrugs with deads can be quite a challenge – both for the muscles and the cardio vascular system. As those of you who do deads know (and if you don’t do them – WHY?!), they take a lot out of you; by the time you complete a heavy set, you are breathing pretty hard and your whole body is very fatigued. What I do is on the final rep of my deads, I perform a full set of burnout shrugs before putting the bar down. By the time the bar comes down, I’m ready to collapse alongside it! I do four supersets of these. Last night I increased the weight I was using for these supersets a pretty significant amount, and after my third set I thought I was going to die. I rested 2 minutes, and even after resting I thought I was going to pass out, puke or both. I almost didn’t do my final set…

I thought to myself, “I’m done – I can’t do anymore. It was a great workout, and skipping this last set ultimately won’t make one bit of difference.” These are the kinds of thoughts we all have when we’re pushing ourselves to the limit. Deep inside I knew that voice was full of crap. I then thought, “Are you really not capable of doing another set? If a millionaire magically appeared in this gym and said that he’d give you a $100,00 to do another superset, I’ll bet you’d find a way to bang it out!” These are the kinds of mental tricks I use to force myself to go beyond what my mind tells me I can do. These “tricks” keep me honest, and they keep me from wussing out. I grabbed the bar and did the final superset, with an extra rep of each exercise thrown in for good measure.

Had I walked out of the gym without doing that final superset, I would have been cheating myself. Instead I walked out (actually it was more of a crawl!) with my head held high, feeling tired but incredibly good.

One new progress picture, which I took about 5 minutes after my workout but didn’t post until this morning.

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