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Overslept because I stayed up too late; Bloated.

I overslept, but it’s because I stayed up too late. Not only did I stay up too late, I decided to have my cheat meal last night: BBQ and red wine. I’m feeling horribly bloated this morning, and I look really puffy. Is it not nature’s most evil trick that many of the foods we crave are so bad for us? I’m just glad I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, I really feel for those of you who crave chocolate all the time. When I do get a craving for chocolate, a Nitrean protein shake takes care of that almost without fail. No, my weaknesses are pizza, french fries, hamburgers, BBQ pork and bread (especially garlic bread). Of course if those foods got us ripped and healthy, this would be one very good looking and healthy world!

So, no cheat meal tonight, and that’s just fine by me. All I want to do right now is get on the bike and sweat some of this water out of me. I feel like a balloon!