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Almost skipped my workout last night; Mental toughness.

Saturday, April 8, 2006 by  
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Last night I came very close to skipping my arms & delts workout. At 5:30 PM – about 30 minutes before my workout – I always head into the gym to get everything staged and ready for that day’s training. Well, yesterday at 5:30 PM I was sitting in my office, and was feeling exceptionally tired and very unmotivated. Quarter-to-six rolled around, and I was still sitting on my butt. I started feeling really guilty, and I knew that if I didn’t at least get in the gym and give it my best effort that I would really regret it in an hour. Thinking about the end of my workout and how good I’d feel for getting it done did the trick: at 6:45 I would either be feeling great for getting the job done, or I’d be sitting around feeling guilty for letting an excellent opportunity to train slip by me. I wound up have an exceptional workout! I think I was really angry with myself for almost wussing out, so once I was in the gym I really let loose.

It’s easy to make excuses for missing workouts, and depending on your goals you may be perfectly comfortable with that. I’m not here to pass judgment on what you choose to do, I’m simply talking about what makes me tick and giving some food for thought. For me, overcoming mental challenges is a huge part of what I love about building my physical body. I enjoy the process of making my body and my mind stronger. The mind is by far our most powerful “muscle”; developing mental toughness alongside your training in the gym will not only help you get the healthy body you are after, it will help you succeed in life.

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