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“Early” cheat meal leads to expected BLOAT.

Monday, April 10, 2006 by  
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Confession time: I had this week’s free meal a little early (yesterday). Lisa’s parents came over to watch a movie, and somehow pizza, cheese, crackers and wine go better with a fun family gathering than chicken and broccoli do. No big deal – I have no problem allowing myself the early indulgence, but I will not have another free meal until the 21st.

With this cheat meal so close to my last one (which was last Thursday) I’m especially bloated this morning with water. One nice thing about post-cheat meal water retention is I didn’t wake up once last night to use the bathroom! Even though I got a great night’s sleep, I am having trouble shaking the cobwebs off this morning. I’m going to go hop on the bike and get a nice long cardio workout in before work.

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