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Last night’s workout; New Titan options (w/videos).

Tuesday, April 11, 2006 by  
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Excellent, sweaty, high-energy chest & abs workout last night! I went up in reps on my flat bench, and went up in weight on my incline bench and cable crossovers. I kept rest intervals very short, and had an amazing pump in my pecs when I finished. My ab work was brutal, thanks to the very short rest intervals and hard contractions/pause between the concentric and eccentric phases. It was one of those workouts where everything just “clicked”.

In case you missed the news, there are a couple of new Titan options that will soon be available: T-Bar rows and seated calf presses. Videos and pictures can be found on the forum; Here’s a direct link.

Cardio time, and tonight is back & traps. I’m feeling really good this morning, and I’m looking forward to another great workout tonight.

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