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Down to 200.8 pounds; Summer plans; Bulking plans.

Thursday, April 13, 2006 by  
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Wow! I’m down to 200.8 pounds this morning, and closing in on 8% body fat FAST! I took measurements yesterday and I’m still maintaining my muscle size very nicely. My waist, hips and thighs have all continued to shrink and I’m starting to look like I’m ready for the beach. This is the first time my upper body seems bigger than my big ol’ hips, but I still have A LOT of room for improvement in that area. My next bulk is going to be focused on my lats, back, shoulders and traps.

I’ve received a lot of emails inquiring about my summer plans (Cut? Bulk? Maintain?) I’m definitely planning to maintain, but I may increase my calories slightly over maintenance and do a very slow and controlled bulk. I’m also going to switch my strength training program to something more like MAX-OT, and focus on strength gains and not pure hypertrophy. Not only is it a good idea to change things around every so often, but the added strength will help me increase my muscle size when I start bulking again in the fall. Yes, I will be using SwoleCat’s SUP2 bulking program along with my high volume weight training program for my “official” bulk. I’ll also be switching back to my 5-day split.

I’m getting ahead of myself here. Right now I’m going to continue to cut until I reach 7% or even 6% body fat. Once I reach that goal, I’m going to increase my calories slowly and transition to a low rep, very heavy weight training program.

Right now I need to get my butt on the bike – it’s cardio time!

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