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Nice day yesterday; Relaxing and finding balance.

Sunday, April 16, 2006 by  
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Yesterday was gorgeous here in Orlando; there was not a cloud in the sky! It was a little on the warm side, but the humidity was so low that it didn’t feel too bad at all. I spent way too much time out in the sun enjoying the weather, and I’m kind of a reddish-brown this morning. It’s definitely not a sunburn kind of red; it looks more like the kind of red that will fade into a nice brown tan in a day or two.

Lisa and I were away from the house from late afternoon until after sunset, and I forgot to bring my meals. I started complaining that I couldn’t miss a meal, and how could I be so forgetful, and then something hit me like a ton of bricks: “Relax. Enjoy yourself.” No kidding! I work my butt off, I don’t miss workouts, I don’t miss meals, I eat clean constantly… Sure, I do these things because I want to do them (and I really do enjoy my healthy lifestyle), but what’s the point of it all if I can’t relax and do something “outside the box” if the mood strikes? I’m telling you all, yesterday was an eye-opener for me. I’m not competing in body building contests, I don’t want to be a fitness model, I don’t want to be a “machine” that never deviates from the plan. What’s the point of feeling great and having a healthy, strong body if I can’t relax and enjoy those things? I can still be committed to a healthy lifestyle, I can still have a six-pack and a muscular body, but I can do those things without making it another job.

Don’t misunderstand, hard work and dedication got me to where I am today; they are still the foundation of everything I’ve achieved. I’m still going to be very dedicated to my goals, and I’m still going to work my butt off to achieve them. But if I find myself away from the house without my planned meal, or in a situation every once in a while where I have to miss a meal, then I’m not going to sweat it. If I lose a little muscle size as a result, then so be it. At least I’m having fun and enjoying myself.

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