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Strength is up, body fat is down.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006 by  
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Last night I switched to a chest routine that I last performed a couple of weeks before the end of my bulk. I used the same weights that I used back in January. Surprisingly I was able to do more reps last night than I was able to do in January! It’s nice to be several months into a cut and in a caloric deficit while still maintaining my strength. SGX really is an excellent fat loss program.

Speaking of fat loss, I’m at my lowest weight of my 2006 cut as of this morning. My relaxed diet over the weekend resulted in some temporary water weight gain, but this morning it’s all gone and I’m looking as cut as ever. The muscle I added over the winter has made a noticeable difference in how fast my body burns though calories. It’s still surprising to me that I can eat so much without putting on any fat; the difference compared to a year ago is night and day. Yet another benefit of weight training!

Speaking of burning fat, time for another 45 minute fasted cardio session. Tonight is going to be a very tough workout: back & traps. Still, I’m looking forward to it – deads are tough, but I still love doing them.

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