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200 pounds/right at 8% body fat; Trouble spot; Last night’s workout; Party.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006 by  
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I weigh 200 pounds on the nose this morning, and I’m right on the upper edge of 8% body fat. In fact, if it weren’t for this little trouble spot below my belly button, I’d be totally happy with my body fat levels right now: All six of my abs are popping out, and my vascularity and muscle definition are right where I want them to be. Unfortunately I’m going to have to keep cutting to reduce this one area. I know many of you have similar problem spots, and they are indeed frustrating. You are not alone!

Last night’s back workout was stellar! I was in the “zone” – I felt strong and focused from the first warm-up rep until I finished my last deadlift/shrug superset. I’ve never puked during or after a weight training workout, but I came very close last night. I really pushed myself and, just 14 hours later, I’m already a little sore this morning. By this time tomorrow I’m going to be feeling the satisfying soreness all through my back. That’s the good kind of back pain!

No training tonight, as it’s my night off. Also, Lisa is going out of town later today for a company meeting and she will be gone until Saturday. You know what that means: strippers and kegs! The fun starts Friday night at 8:00, see you here!

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