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Cutting progress; Strength gains; Tonight’s back/traps workout.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006 by  
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I forgot to take my measurements yesterday, so I did them this morning. My waist is down a little over a quarter of an inch, and is now just below 32 inches. I measure my waist at its widest point – just below my belly button. I’m still at 200 pounds, and I’d say another couple pounds of fat loss will put me right into 8% body fat territory.

Last night I added weight to my flat barbell bench and my barbell incline bench, and did four sets of 12 on the flat bench, and four sets of 12/12/11/10 on the incline. That means I’ll be moving up in weight again next week. I’m somewhat surprised that I’ve been able to maintain and, in some cases, even increase my strength while cutting.

Tonight is back and traps, and I’ll be doing the same workout as I did last week, but with added weight. It’s getting to the point where my deads/shrug supersets are pushing me right to the edge, both physically and mentally. I hope I’m feeling good tonight, as I’ll be adding 10 more pounds to the deads/shrug supersets. It’s going to be one hell of a workout!

Right now I’ve got to get my cardio done. Have a great day!

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