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Almost skipped last night’s workout – glad I didn’t!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006 by  
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About a half-hour before my workout last night, UPS showed up with a pile of books I ordered from Amazon. For whatever reason I didn’t really feel like working out (hey, it happens to everyone), so curling up with one of those books sounded VERY tempting. I knew that if I’d skipped my workout I wouldn’t really enjoy the books (and I would miss out on that awesome soreness in my back that I love so much!) Also, my back workouts are very high-intensity: they not only help me build muscle, they really rev up my metabolism and help burn fat.

When thoughts of skipping a workout enter my mind, I always get a little annoyed with myself. I’m so fortunate to have the equipment I need right here in my house, and an injury-free body with which to perform the workout. Thinking about those things always puts everything in perspective.

So, as often is the case when I come close to skipping a workout, last night’s workout was amazingly good! I added reps to a couple of exercises, and I added 10 pounds to my deads/shrugs supersets. Man, those supersets absolutely kill. I normally only take a minute of rest between sets, but I have to take 2 minutes between the deads/shrug supersets. By the time I finished I looked (and felt) like I’d been hosed down and beaten.

While I showered I smiled to myself and felt very satisfied for getting my workout done, and for giving it my all. I didn’t get around to reading a book until I got into bed later that night, but as I read I knew that I’d more than earned the warm, relaxed and content feeling I was enjoying.

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