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Very hungry this morning; 8% body fat.

Tuesday, May 2, 2006 by  
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This rarely happens, but I woke up starving this morning! Usually I’m not in the least bit hungry until after I finish my cardio, but for some reason this morning I can’t stop thinking about breakfast. My diet yesterday was spot-on and no different than any other day. In fact, yesterday was a lifting day so I had plenty of food after my workout.

My body weight has dropped below 200 pounds for the first time since my bulk, and my waist is closing in on 31.5 inches (measured at my widest point). Considering my waist measurement was almost 35 inches at the end of my bulk, that’s pretty good progress. I expect that my waist measurement will continue to drop over the next month, as there really is no where else for the fat to come off. I’m going to go ahead and change my body fat percentage “officially” to 8%. It’s the upper 8% range, but my calipers combined with my tape and eyes are pretty accurate indicators.

I’m going to go get my cardio done right now so I can EAT!!

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