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Review: SuperPump 250.

Wednesday, May 3, 2006 by  
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Last night’s workout (back and traps) was not my greatest. I felt sick to my stomach from a pre-workout energy drink I’ve been trying called “SuperPump 250” by Gaspari Nutrition. I have the fruit punch flavor, and it’s absolutely disgusting. I can barely get it down, and it gets worse each time I use it. Keep in mind that this is coming from a guy who can drink unflavored hydrolyzed whey protein without batting an eyelash. SuperPump also gives me a mild headache every time I use it. Thankfully I’ve not had “bathroom” issues, as many others have reported, but I do have a strong feeling of wanting to gag that lasts from the first sip right through (and past) the end of my workout. I’ve been forcing this crap down for over a month now, and have noticed none of the benefits touted on the label. Last night was the last straw – I’m going back to BSN’s NO-Xplode for my pre-workout energy drink – Xplode has always worked great for me and I like the taste.

So this morning I woke up starving again! That’s two days in a row. Very weird, as my diet this week has not changed one bit. I’m going to go burn some fat on the bike and then get some breakfast in me. Have a great day!

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