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Maximize growth through change.

Thursday, May 4, 2006 by  
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Tuesday night’s back/traps workout may not have been my best, but don’t try to tell my back that this morning – I’m sore! I neglected to mention that I changed up my exercises for Tuesday night’s workout, and that always has a shocking effect on my muscles.

If you are doing the same exercises every single time you hit the gym, then you are doing yourself a major disservice and not making the best use of your time under the iron. We all know change is uncomfortable, and dealing with the familiar is safe and far more easy. Resist the temptation to hit the gym and go through the motions like a robot. You may have the discipline to show up and do your workouts, but that’s only part of the equation. For maximum growth, I believe that the best results are achieved when you keep your body from adapting; this is done through progressive resistance (increasing the number of reps/amount of weight every workout without sacrificing form), and changing your weight training exercises every 3-4 weeks.

There are a few exercises that form the foundation of my workouts, and I always do them. For example, I always do deadlifts on back day, and I always do squats on leg day. I do switch the position of those “core” exercises around every so often (sometimes I’ll start off with deads, and other times they will be the second, third or last exercise I do).

Yikes! I’ve got to get moving, I’m late for my cardio. Thanks for taking the time to stop by – have a great day!

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