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Thoughts about my cutting goals; Summer plans.

Friday, May 12, 2006 by  
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I’m debating the wisdom of cutting down to 6% body fat. Once I get there, then what? I’m not competing and I certainly won’t be trying to maintain that level of body fat. Summer is coming and, while I do still have a little fat to lose around my lower waist, once I’m happy with how I look I plan to relax my diet a bit for the summer. Right now I’m leaning towards cutting through the rest of this month – maybe a week or two into June – and then start eating slightly above maintenance while transitioning to a heavy MAX-OT style weight training program for the next few months. My main goal this summer will be to add strength without adding much fat (and to have fun!) Around September or October of this year, I will start my full-on bulking program (SUP2) with a focus on muscle size. I think the strength gains I make this summer (and switching my weight training program for a few months) will help me see some nice gains this winter.

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