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Cutting program to end May 31st; More on my plans for summer.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006 by  
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My mid-section is tightening up nicely, and I’m almost done cutting. This morning I’m down to 196.8 pounds, and 8% body fat. I still have some fat just below my belly button, but I’m not willing to continue dieting down to ~5% body fat just to get rid of it. What would be the point? So that I could take a couple of pictures that don’t represent how I look most of the time? I don’t want to do that. The pictures would probably look great, but as soon as I went back to a more reasonable diet that would be the first place the fat would return.

No, I’m comfortable at 8% body fat. I may not look exactly how I’d like to, but I have a six-pack and I can maintain that level of body fat while still having fun and eating a couple of free meals each week. I feel lean, healthy and happy. I’m going to continue to cut until the end of the month, but starting in June I’m going to ramp up my calories a bit, change my diet up and start lifting very heavy using MAX-OT. I’ll follow this program all summer long, and this fall (probably October or November) I’ll start my bulk using SUP2. I think the strength gains I make this summer will help set the stage for a very successful bulk next Winter.

Thanks for stopping by and for your continued support of this site and the forums. Have a wonderful day!

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