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Vacation plans; Thanks to the JSF forum members!

Thursday, May 18, 2006 by  
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One nice thing about working hard all year is that a lot of vacation time gets saved up! I’m in that position now, and I have a lot of time off that must be used before August 1st or I lose it. I’m going to take at least one week off in June (June 3rd – June 11th) but I’m thinking about extending that to two weeks and taking May 27th – June 11th off. I’ll also be taking a couple of weeks off in July: July 8th – July 23rd. There will be no updates to the site during these vacation days. I’ll make an announcement about the May/June vacation as soon as I make up my mind. I’m really looking forward to some time off, as I’m feeling very burnt out and ready for an interlude from my standard day-to-day routines. I want to hit the beach!

I’d like to take a moment to recognize all the amazing transformations in the Media Gallery and the Fitness Journal sections of the forum. I follow many of the threads in those two areas with great interest, and I find the level of commitment and enthusiasm very inspiring. Our members have shown time and time again that anyone with heart, drive and dedication can obtain the body and health he or she desires. I salute every one of you – YOU are what makes the JSF forums special.

I see it’s cardio time again. A cool side benefit to all this cardio is that I’m reading a lot more books these days!

Have a great day!

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