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John, the social butterfly?

Monday, May 22, 2006 by  
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What a wonderful weekend! Even though Lisa and I had a lot of things to do, we managed to take most of yesterday for ourselves so we could enjoy our anniversary (thanks for all the congratulations!) If I may be allowed to toot my own horn for a moment, dinner came out absolutely perfect. It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed a nice steak, and even longer since I’ve had cheesecake. I ate every last bite.

Socially speaking, last week was one of the most active weeks in recent memory. Lisa and I were gone more than we were at home. I managed to keep a pretty clean diet and only missed a couple of meals. Good planning and a little restraint is what made the difference.

Of course after last night’s dinner I’m feeling very bloated this morning. It will take a couple of days to shed the water weight, but I’m used to that. My body is simply not accustomed to dinners like the one I had last night. Every time I have a free meal my fingers feel like sausages and my face looks puffy the next morning. I’ll have plenty of chances to sweat some of that water out today: this morning I’ve got 45 minutes of cardio, and tonight is chest & abs.

BTW, I still have not committed 100% to the start date of my June vacation. I’m leaning towards making it a full two weeks, starting on Saturday June 27th. In fact, don’t be surprised if this Friday’s daily news update is my last until June 12th.

Thanks for stopping by – have a great day!

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