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Lisa is working out again; Back workout; Wednesday night plans.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006 by  
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Last night’s back workout was enhanced because Lisa was in the gym with me, doing cardio. That’s right, Lisa is working out again! She wants to drop a few pounds of fat through diet and cardio exercise, and she will begin weight training in a couple of weeks. Yesterday we worked on a detailed meal plan for her, and after my workout last night I went to the store and bought all the food she needs to get started (our normal grocery shopping day is not until Saturday). I’m so happy that she’s working out again! Even though she looks great, I think a healthy diet and regular exercise will do wonders for her overall health and wellbeing. I’m really proud of her for getting started. Her enthusiasm is inspiring me!

Speaking of last night’s training, wow! I worked my back and traps, and it was an excellent workout (I think I may have been showing off a little for Lisa, haha!) Anyway, this morning I’m feeling a little pre-DOMS tightness in my back, traps and lats, and my pecs are on fire from Monday’s chest workout.

Tonight I’ve got no weight training, so I think Lisa and I are going to head over to the shooting range where she’ll no doubt put me (and half the other guys there) to shame with her ultra-tight groupings and steady hand. She’s going to be scary with a little more practice!

Cardio time for me – have a wonderful day!

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