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New training split; ON VACATION!

Friday, May 26, 2006 by  
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Last night was supposed to be my leg workout, but shortly before my workout I decided to make a change to my split that I’ve been thinking about implementing for a while now: I’m moving back to a 5-day split, just like when I was bulking. My old 4-day split had me working my delts on the same day as my biceps and triceps, and it was just too much volume for one workout – I was short-changing myself: I had to reduce my delts volume and, subconsciously, my intensity levels just so I’d have something left to work my biceps and triceps. Also, by the time I got around to my bicep/tricep supersets, I could barely lift my arms. Last night I worked my delts only, and my intensity level was through the roof! I was also able to add more exercises and quality volume, and that’s what my muscles respond the best to. Tonight I’ll be working my biceps and triceps (I don’t want to split bis/tris apart because I’ve seen amazing results with antagonistic supersets); it will be really nice to be able to give those two muscle groups my full attention once again. I’ll be working my legs on Saturday or Sunday evening, depending on my weekend schedule.

VACATION NOTICE: I’ll be starting a much-needed two week vacation today. I’ll be working out and maintaining a relatively clean diet during my time off, but there will be no updates to this page. If you are bored and looking for something to read, maybe check the News Archives – there’s several years of my daily musings. You’ll find some good stuff in there (…and plenty of nonsense & crap, too!)

Thanks for visiting JSF. I’ll resume my normal daily updates on Monday, June 12, 2006. See you then!

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