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Final day of cutting!

Today is the final day of my 2006 SGX cutting cycle. This week I’ve been working on eating very clean, and staying away from salt and other foods that cause me to retain water. I’ve also doubled up on my cardio, and been doing lots of physical activities. Of course I’m taking in plenty of water; if anything I’ve increased my water consumption this week. This morning I’m down to a 2006 cutting low of… [Read more]

Added Friday, June 30, 2006 by

No cheat meal last night; Upcoming vacation reminder.

I skipped my free meal last night; with just two days left in my 2006 cutting cycle, I don’t want muddy the waters with post-cheat meal bloat. I’ll probably have my free meal this Saturday night, and on Tuesday (July 4th) I’ll most likely grill some burgers or steak and have a couple of beers. I know I just took a vacation earlier this month, but you may recall I’ve got another vacation coming up… [Read more]

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I got some sun yesterday; New back yard photo from this morning.

I got my wish yesterday and was able to take my lunch outside. I got all the yard work done (except the weeding – that’s this weekend), and I got some sun. Actually it was very sunny out for a short time, but the humidity was so high it was like working in a sauna. Almost as soon as I finished, the storm clouds rolled in. Thanks to all the rain we get in Florida… [Read more]

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We’ve had a lot of rain in Orlando the past few days, and it looks like it’s going to continue all week. I was hoping to get some sun before I take my monthly pictures on Saturday, but it looks like that might not happen. Lisa is trying to talk me into using a sunless tanning product, but I’m not interested. I know sunless tanning products have come a long way, but for whatever reason… [Read more]

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Yesterday was a free day.

Yesterday I hung out all day with my Father-in-law and, I must admit, diet-wise I enjoyed a “free day”. Breakfast was fine, but then I missed my next meal. For lunch we had BBQ, french fries and garlic bread. I missed my next meal, and for dinner I had a Subway tuna sub and Doritos. My face looks a little puffy this morning, but that’s about it. I don’t eat like that very often, and… [Read more]

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Clarification/more details on my upcoming strength building program.

I’m excited about my upcoming Summer Strength Building program, and the change in my food intake. I mentioned yesterday that I was going to increase my daily caloric intake slightly (maybe 300-500 calories per day), but I received some emails asking if I’d still be following the SGX or SUP2 dietary protocols during this time. SGX is for cutting, and SUP2 is for bulking; I’m not bulking or cutting this summer. Dietarily speaking I’m pretty… [Read more]

Added Sunday, June 25, 2006 by

Yesterday’s workout; Pictures of my guns (and my guns); Strength building.

Yesterday was a pretty slow work day, and I really felt like hitting the weights so I did my arm workout mid-day instead of my usual 6:00 PM time. I took a few pictures of my post-workout guns (I mean that literally, so don’t click if they scare you). Lisa pretty much made fun of me all night, so feel free to pile on if you like. 😆 I’ve had a few people ask me… [Read more]

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Loki was sick to his stomach last night (he’s fine now) and had to go out in the middle of the night. I had trouble falling back asleep and wound up oversleeping almost a whole hour. I’m was feeling a little groggy when I woke up, but now that I’ve got some coffee in me I feel pretty normal. Loki is such a good boy, even when he’s sick he asks to be let outside…. [Read more]

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Cheat meals will now be on Wednesday; AtLarge Mass Stack/Fat Loss Stack.

I’ve decided that I’m going to move my “free/cheat meal” night from Friday to Wednesday, since that is when I’ve been taking it lately anyway. Wednesday is the one day of the work week that I do not have a weight training workout, so Lisa and I always go shooting on that night. Once we’re done at the range, for some reason going out to eat always sounds really good. I’ve been enjoying my cheat… [Read more]

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Cutting progress; Cutting to end this month; Plans for the rest of summer.

This morning my weight is down to a 2006 low – 196.8 pounds. My muscle measurements are the same and I’ve not lost any strength, but I feel like I’m shrinking away. I evaluated myself in the mirror this morning, and most of my body looks like it’s around 8% body fat, but then I get to that small area just below my belly button and I look like I’m at 12% body fat. It’s… [Read more]

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