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Went out to eat yesterday; Cut? Maintain? I JUST DON’T KNOW! :P

Sunday, June 18, 2006 by  
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Yesterday we took Lisa’s parents out to dinner for Father’s day. Lisa’s dad wanted Mexican food, so off we went. I love Mexican food, but it sure is salty – especially the chips and salsa. It’s amazing how many chips one can eat without even realizing it (particularly when margaritas are involved – which, of course, means even more salt). I had fajitas, and they were excellent! As expected, this morning I’m bloated up like a big balloon.

I have to say, the past month or two I’ve pretty much been maintaining and not really doing a proper cut. I’m not adding fat, but I’m sure not losing any either. I guess once I hit 9% body fat I got a little complacent. Honestly, I’m totally happy with my present body fat levels, except for that damned “trouble spot” below my belly button. Even at 6-7% body fat that particular area never totally goes away, and as soon as I start eating a regular (non-cutting) diet it comes right back. Maybe that’s why I’m subconsciously reluctant to be ultra-strict at this juncture – what’s the point? It’s one of those things that I go back and forth on constantly. This is something that I’ll have to work out for myself, but I always try to be candid about my journey and talk openly about my triumphs, failures and decisions (or indecisions, as it were). I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m just rambling, as usual!

Cardio time, and tonight is biceps and triceps. I can’t wait for tonight’s workout, as my arms are in need of a good pummeling…

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