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Clarification/more details on my upcoming strength building program.

Sunday, June 25, 2006 by  
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I’m excited about my upcoming Summer Strength Building program, and the change in my food intake. I mentioned yesterday that I was going to increase my daily caloric intake slightly (maybe 300-500 calories per day), but I received some emails asking if I’d still be following the SGX or SUP2 dietary protocols during this time. SGX is for cutting, and SUP2 is for bulking; I’m not bulking or cutting this summer. Dietarily speaking I’m pretty much going to take in just enough calories to maintain my current weight (maybe slightly more), while my weight training program (MAX-OT) will be focused on strength gains and not hypertrophy. This fall (probably September or October) I’ll be bulking with a focus on pure muscle size gains using Swolecat’s tried-and-true SUP2 bulking program.

I’ve got to get going, today’s going to be a busy (but very fun) day! Enjoy your Sunday and, as always, I’ll see you tomorrow.

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