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No cheat meal last night; Upcoming vacation reminder.

Thursday, June 29, 2006 by  
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I skipped my free meal last night; with just two days left in my 2006 cutting cycle, I don’t want muddy the waters with post-cheat meal bloat. I’ll probably have my free meal this Saturday night, and on Tuesday (July 4th) I’ll most likely grill some burgers or steak and have a couple of beers.

I know I just took a vacation earlier this month, but you may recall I’ve got another vacation coming up in July. Gee, it really sucks having to take all this vacation time before August! If I don’t use the vacation days, I lose ’em. Anyway, my final vacation for this summer is two weeks long. It starts on July 8th and continues through July 23rd. There will be no updates to the main site during that time, as I’ll be way too busy sipping cocktails on the beach and eating out. I know I’ll probably put on a couple pounds of fat over my vacation, but I will be working out almost every day and eating clean for the majority of my meals. Daily updates will resume on Monday, July 24th.

I’m off to do my cardio. See you tomorrow!

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