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Final day of cutting!

Friday, June 30, 2006 by  
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Today is the final day of my 2006 SGX cutting cycle. This week I’ve been working on eating very clean, and staying away from salt and other foods that cause me to retain water. I’ve also doubled up on my cardio, and been doing lots of physical activities. Of course I’m taking in plenty of water; if anything I’ve increased my water consumption this week. This morning I’m down to a 2006 cutting low of 192.2 pounds. This past week I’ve probably lost about a pound or two of fat, and 4-5 pounds of water. I’ll probably weigh about the same tomorrow morning, as I’m pretty dried out.

Tomorrow morning I’ll be posting my final 2006 cutting pictures, and will update the rest of the site to reflect my summer “maintenance” phase, which will focus on strength building in the gym and having lots of fun outside the gym 🙂 . With the increased calories, the “relaxed” diet and a long 2-week vacation in there, I expect that I’ll put on a little muscle along with some fat. I’m going to be careful to not put on too much fat, as I don’t want to start my bulk this fall in need of a cut!

Have a great Friday – see you tomorrow!

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