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Final day of AtLarge Sale; Final day to sign up for the August “100 Challenge”.

July 2006 is coming to an end, and so is the AtLarge Nutrition sale and the chance to join the August “100 Challenge” (more on both below). Starting tomorrow I’ll be going “all out” with pretty much no break for the next 4 or 5 months. August will set the stage with a final month of dedicated cutting, and September through November (or December) will be absolutely brutal and relentless as I add lean mass… [Read more]

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Monthly pictures coming up; Excited about the next few months.

I will be posting my monthly pictures this Tuesday morning. Looking at my body immediately after my decadent two-week vacation, I thought that this month’s pictures were going to be horrible; however, after a week of strict dieting and hard work in the gym I don’t think things are nearly as bad as I feared they might be. I was looking at my physique in the mirror this morning (I try to do that 11… [Read more]

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Why didn’t I gain more fat on my vacation? MUSCLE!; Losing fat the right way.

Last night I worked my delts & traps and had another really good workout. Ever since I returned from vacation all my workouts have been extremely good. I’ve had plenty of energy, and I feel my strength coming back quickly. Even though I added a few pounds of fat and lost some size over the past month, I think the tradeoff was worth it for the huge mental boost. Before my vacation I was feeling… [Read more]

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First week back almost over; So sore; Shoulder update.

This week absolutely flew by! I’m nearly caught up on my work, and I feel much better now that I’ve returned to my regular diet and training schedule. My workouts have seemed especially brutal after about a month with no weight training (not to mention coming off two weeks of vacation junk food!) Most of my upper body is sore this morning, and not just a little sore; it’s the kind of soreness that is… [Read more]

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Importance of change; Last night’s back/bicep workout was a killer.

I’m glad that I switched my training split around – this new one is kicking my butt! My old split was every bit as difficult, but in a different way. Change is important. The split I’m using now breaks my biceps and triceps workouts apart (I normally superset those two muscle groups) and pairs them with my back and chest, respectively. Antagonistic supersets are very painful, difficult and challenging, but I get nice results using… [Read more]

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Awesome AtLarge sale – don’t miss it; Excellent response to the “100 Challenge”!

Chris and Daniel, co-owners of AtLarge Nutrition, have come up with their absolute best sale ever! If you are one of their thousands of existing satisfied customers, then now is the time to stock up on all your favorite products (or try some new ones!) If you have never tried AtLarge Nutrition, then now is a great time to save yourself some money and see why AtLarge has earned countless positive reviews for their products… [Read more]

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Lost a little strength; John Stone’s August “100 Challenge”.

Last night’s chest and triceps workout felt great! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised after a month off from training, but I did lose some strength. Not a terrible amount of strength, but enough to make me wonder if a month off from training was such a good idea. Actually, I know it was: I needed it, and I suspect that I’ll get my strength back pretty quickly. No worries! Yesterday I mentioned that I… [Read more]

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Back from vacation: fat, happy and ready to work!

I’m back from my vacation! I had an amazing couple of weeks off, but am more than ready to return to my regular life. I’ve got a very busy week ahead of me, but there is a lot to cover this morning, so I’ll just jump right into it. WEIGHTS: First off, I did not lift any weights. My shoulders were still hurting through most of my vacation, but honestly not badly enough to prevent… [Read more]

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Vacation time!

It’s time for my final summer vacation. I know I just took a vacation in June, but I have to use my vacation time by the end of this month or I lose it. This will likely be my last break until the Christmas holidays, so I plan to make this time off very enjoyable. For this vacation Lisa and I are flying my mom in from Houston. We’ll be treating her to some of… [Read more]

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Shoulder questions answered.

After yesterday’s update, a few people have asked me about my shoulder. I know that quite a few of you were not around back when I was having major shoulder problems (late 2003 & 2004), but these questions are addressed in detail in my FAQ. If you are interested, you might want to check out the FAQ, specifically these questions: So what happened to your shoulder? How did you injure it? What kind of treatment… [Read more]

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