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Cutting cycle is over; Post-cutting pictures.

Saturday, July 1, 2006 by  
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My 2006 cutting cycle is officially over! I’m mostly happy with my pictures. I feel like I’m pretty shredded up (at least to my satisfaction) in every area except the “perma-fat” just below my belly button. Again, I’m not willing to cut down to 4% or 5% body fat to get rid of it, only to have it return as soon as I start eating normally again. I won’t have my body surgically altered for cosmetic reasons, so that leaves living with it.

Someone on the forum yesterday noticed that my weight today is only around 4 pounds higher than my weight before my bulk. I realize on the surface that it may seem like I’ve only kept 4 pounds of muscle, but numbers can be deceiving. Actually I put on and kept about 8-10 pounds of muscle. Water is what makes the difference. I’ll explain why numbers are rarely the entire story:

  • Lean mass is not just muscle. Lean mass includes bone, your brain, water, muscle – basically everything but fat. When I was at 188.8 pounds last November at the end of my cut, I was still carrying a lot of water, as I did nothing to “dry out”. As I explained in my daily update yesterday, I’m totally dried out right now and have lost around 5 pounds of water in the past few days alone. Did you know water weighs 8.34 pounds per gallon? If I’d done what I did this past week at the end of my last cut, I probably would have come in around 183 pounds. See the difference?
  • Body fat measurements – especially home BF tests – are not precise. They are an estimate only.
  • Look at my measurements now compared to my measurements when I started my last bulk on November 1, 2005: My arms are an inch larger, my quads are 1.5 inches larger, my forearms and calves are each a half inch larger, and my chest is almost an inch larger. I’m very happy with those improvements! If I can make gains like that every year, then I have no complaints; I will attain my ideal physique in the next year or two. Natural body building is not a sport for the impatient.

So now it’s on to maintenance and strength building for the rest of the summer. I will probably start my bulk in October, but I may even start it as early as September. I’ll be doing SwoleCat’s SUP2 bulking program.

Tonight I celebrate – look for a big water weight gain tomorrow! 🙂

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