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Over 6 pounds of water weight gain in just one day!

Sunday, July 2, 2006 by  
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I mentioned yesterday that my extremely low final 2006 cutting weight was achieved through a “drying out” process designed to safely eliminate excess water. The technique I used wasn’t as extreme as SwoleCat’s 7 Days To Ultimate Leanness, but I tend to carry a lot of water, so I got great results in just a few days just by eating ultra-clean, eliminating salt & most carbs and doing lots of physical activity. Of course the weight loss is very temporary – the water returns as soon as a normal diet is resumed. Case in point: after just one day of eating a “normal” diet with one big “cheat” meal, today I’m back to my more “normal” weight of 198.8 pounds. That’s well over a 6 pound gain in just one day and, of course, it’s all water. The funny thing is, I look pretty much the same in my mid-section, but my muscles actually look a little fuller. Oh well! 🙂

I’ve got lots of house cleaning and weeding in the garden to do today. First, I need to get my cardio done – I feel like a balloon!

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