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MAX-OT shoulder issues; July 4th pictures.

Wednesday, July 5, 2006 by  
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I’m afraid this MAX-OT stuff may not work out. Despite a very careful and deliberate warm-up before Monday’s chest workout, this morning both of my shoulders are hurting, and not in a good way. The pain is not horrible, and I don’t think I’ve done anything that will set me back more than a few days, but I can’t ignore what my body seems to be telling me. Apparently my shoulders are able to deal with the moderately heavy weights I use when I perform four sets of 10-12 reps, but three sets of 4-6 using very heavy weights seems to be too much for them. I can’t say I’m surprised, but I am a little disappointed. Still, this is really not a big deal. I’m going to take a few days off from lifting and let my shoulders recover, and then I’ll go back to lifting using my tried-and-true “hypertrophy” method.

Last night’s 4th of July celebration was lots of fun! I ate way too much and drank way too much. Somehow I woke up on time this morning and I feel great! I don’t really get it: considering the amount of alcohol I consumed, I should be hurting pretty bad right now. Hey, I’m not complaining! Here are a few pictures of us goofing around with the dogs last night.

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