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Shoulder questions answered.

Thursday, July 6, 2006 by  
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After yesterday’s update, a few people have asked me about my shoulder. I know that quite a few of you were not around back when I was having major shoulder problems (late 2003 & 2004), but these questions are addressed in detail in my FAQ. If you are interested, you might want to check out the FAQ, specifically these questions:

There’ve been some great suggestions on the forum about ways I could reduce the “trauma” of switching to a heavy weight training program like MAX-OT. This latest flare up of shoulder pain – while relatively minor – has put the eight months in which I could not lift fresh in my mind. That was the longest eight months of my life. It was horrible. So, while I really appreciate the excellent suggestions, at this point I’m not willing to take any chances. Perhaps the suggestions would help, but I’m afraid my abused and battered shoulder would give out under the high loads, regardless of what I do. I don’t want that happening, especially right before my fall bulk (which I’m very much looking forward to!) Right now I feel like I have to opt for the safest route, because I’m simply not ready to deal with another extended injury.

Reminder: tomorrow is my last update for a couple weeks. I’ll be on vacation from July 8 – July 23. Daily updates will resume on July 24.

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