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Back from vacation: fat, happy and ready to work!

Monday, July 24, 2006 by  
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I’m back from my vacation! I had an amazing couple of weeks off, but am more than ready to return to my regular life. I’ve got a very busy week ahead of me, but there is a lot to cover this morning, so I’ll just jump right into it.

WEIGHTS: First off, I did not lift any weights. My shoulders were still hurting through most of my vacation, but honestly not badly enough to prevent me from lifting. You know, I just needed a break from everything, including (especially) weight training. Before my vacation I was getting my workouts done, but my usual passion and excitement was no longer there. Only now, after a few weeks off, am I able to realize just how much I needed a break from my usual life.

DIET: So, I have not trained with weights at all this month… what about my diet? Well, that’s easy: My diet has been horrendous! When I say “horrendous”, I really mean it. Essentially my food intake during the entire month of July has been mostly stuff I would never eat (except as a “free”/”cheat” meal). Off the top of my head: Hamburgers, bacon, cheese, crackers, french fries, pork BBQ, baked beans, garlic bread, chocolate covered nuts, buttered popcorn, fried shrimp, fried fish, fried clams, steak, potatoes, biscuits with gravy, cheese biscuits, hash browns, french toast with butter and syrup, pizza, fajitas, tortilla chips, cheesecake, assorted snack mixes, Doritos, pretzels, assorted breads, soda, beer, wine, vodka… That’s not everything, but just reading it makes me realize just how much crap I’ve been putting into my body this month. I did it because I wanted to, so I’m not complaining. I really did need to take some time away from everything. I wanted to relax and eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Now that I have done that, I feel like I’ve gotten it out of my system. I think it’s OK to let loose for a week or two once in a great while, but I’m very anxious to return to my healthy diet: I’m starting to feel the effects of the junk food!

CARDIO: So, my diet was crap and I did not train with weights… how about cardio? I actually did do cardio! I think I did around 9 or 10 cardio sessions over my vacation. I did cardio because I wanted to: I really like how it makes me feel, and with all the crap I was eating I’m glad I did something physical!

DAMAGE ASSESSMENT: I added around 4 pounds of fat. My waist size is a full inch larger now than it was before my vacation. I’ve gone from 8% body fat to the high 9% range. My face looks puffy. I lost some muscle size (my arms are down to 16.75 inches).

I think my monthly pictures – which I take a little over a week from today – will not be very good. I’ve decided that I’m going to do a little mini-cut in August, and I’m going to start my bulk a bit early this year: September 1st. I’m thinking about doing an August “Total dedication” challenge on the forum with anyone who wants to join me. I’ll post more about it tomorrow if I decide to do it.

Well, I’d better finish this up and get on the bike. I’ve decided that I’m going to do cardio every day until my bulk starts. Tonight I’ll be working out in the weight room for the first time in almost a month and I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve got some serious work to do!

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