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First week back almost over; So sore; Shoulder update.

Friday, July 28, 2006 by  
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This week absolutely flew by! I’m nearly caught up on my work, and I feel much better now that I’ve returned to my regular diet and training schedule. My workouts have seemed especially brutal after about a month with no weight training (not to mention coming off two weeks of vacation junk food!) Most of my upper body is sore this morning, and not just a little sore; it’s the kind of soreness that is felt even when I’m totally stationary.

I’m about to go do my morning cardio, and tonight is my delts & traps workout. My delts and traps are about the only muscle groups north of my waistline that don’t hurt this morning. I think I’m going to do 5-10 minutes of light cardio before tonight’s weight training to warm up my sore body.

Speaking of delts, my shoulders are doing just fine since my return. I was a little worried after the heavy MAX-OT chest workout almost a month ago that left both my shoulders hurting. I don’t want anything interfering with my bulk this fall, so I think moving away from my initial plan to do heavy MAX-OT training this summer was the right move. Better safe than sorry. I don’t even want to think about dealing with another extended shoulder injury like the one I suffered in late 2003.

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