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Bulk starts tomorrow; Maximizing results; A year of progress.

This is the final day of my summer maintenance program, and tomorrow begins my 2006 bulk. I can’t wait! Starting tomorrow, there will be no more daily cardio (just 2 cardio sessions per week while bulking), five weight training workouts per week, a large increase in “clean” calories, which includes a considerable increase in carbohydrates, absolutely no alcohol consumption (even with cheat meals) and a minimum of 7 hours of sleep each night (but I’ll… [Read more]

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Internet restored; Tropical Storm Ernesto; New back photograph.

Shortly after yesterday’s rant about my ISP, service was restored – sort of. They still have not fully fixed the problem with their DHCP server, but I figured out a work-around, so all is well for now. Underachieving Tropical Storm “Ernesto” will be moving over the State of Florida today. With top sustained winds of 45 MPH at the center and a lot of land to cover before it reaches Central Florida, everyone in our… [Read more]

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No Internet. No email. Again.

For the second time this month I have no Internet service and no email. I’m sending this update to the JSF servers over a horrible 28kbps dial-up connection that keeps disconnecting. I’ve been without Internet service (aside from my backup dial-up service) since 12:30 PM yesterday afternoon. It’s been very frustrating, because the problem is on the end of my cable provider, and they can’t seem to figure it out. I keep calling and they… [Read more]

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Last call for cheat meal date opinions; Arm workout feedback.

Last week I started a poll asking if moving the JSF Orlando Cheat Meal to another date made sense. It looks like just about everyone agrees that it should be moved to May or June. Right now more people seem to prefer the June date, and that’s fine by me. If you plan to attend one of the annual JSF Cheat Meals in Orlando, please feel free to vote in the poll and voice your… [Read more]

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Questions about my arm workout answered.

Ah, a much needed day of rest! This past week I managed to put together a string of excellent weight training workouts, and today I’m feeling pretty spent. Lisa is going out with some friends, so I’ll probably get my cardio done and then lay around the house doing, oh, pretty much nothing. Sounds great to me! I received quite a bit of email in response to yesterday’s update, in which I detailed my brutal… [Read more]

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Want bigger arms? Here’s my killer arm workout, but you better be ready to work.

Because my bulk starts this coming Friday, and Friday will now be my bicep/tricep superset training day, I’m going to have to change my current split to my bulking split starting today. My nutrition intake will not change to “bulking mode” until Friday, just my training split will change starting today. The reason is because presently I am working my triceps on Monday, and my biceps on Wednesday. If I continue with that split next… [Read more]

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One week to go: Bulk 2006!

I’m so excited: in just one week I’ll be starting my 2006 bulking program! Bulking is a lot of hard work, but I enjoy it a great deal. The amount of food I eat while bulking is staggering, and my energy levels are always very high. My bulking workouts are extremely demanding, but with all the high-quality calories I consume I’ve got plenty of fuel to overcome each challenge. Because I enjoy lifting so much,… [Read more]

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Orlando Cheat Meal: New date?

As many of you know, the annual JSF Cheat Meal in Orlando has always been the third Saturday in February. Quite a few people have expressed to me that a date in the spring or summer would be batter. Personally I agree that a date in the spring or summer would probably be better. I’m proposing that the annual Orlando JSF Cheat Meal be permanently moved to the 1st Saturday in May. I’m suggesting this… [Read more]

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Favorite Things update.

I have not updated my Favorite Things thread in awhile, so here’s something cool! Modern day photo printers are absolutely amazing. With good paper and a decent digital camera the prints are as good as any photo lab. I’ve saved a ton of money thanks to digital cameras and photo printers. I only make prints when I need them, and I get to choose which photos are good enough to print. Gone are the days… [Read more]

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Great workout last night; New pictures; Google video Beta program.

Last night’s pecs & triceps workout was one of the best I’ve had in recent memory. You know how sometimes everything just seems to click into place? You’re mentally in the zone, the weights feel light and your energy levels are seemingly inexhaustible. That’s how I felt last night. I hope that I have many more workouts like that while I’m bulking. Workouts like the one I had last night are a huge part of… [Read more]

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