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Motivation to change.

Wednesday, August 2, 2006 by  
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One commonality among many of the people I’ve spoken to who have trouble sticking with a fitness program for any length of time is that they all seem to lose interest very quickly. Some can’t even make it a full day without sliding back into their old habits. When starting a new fitness program (or getting back into one after a period of inactivity), you’ve got to fight through your natural instinct to fall back into your comfort zone. Your ultimate goal may seem very far away, but you can proceed knowing that consistency and hard work are always rewarded in this game. Pay attention to the little things along the way. You will make progress. You will improve a little each and every day. There are countless examples of successes and failures on the forum: The people who are successful stick with it, while the people who fail give up. Sounds simple, right? Well, when you boil the process down to its essence, it really is that simple!

Three and a half years ago when I started my fitness program I remember looking down at my gut and thinking, “What’s the point? I’ll never get rid of all this!” Somehow, even in my depressed and very negative state of mind, I knew that was a lie; a lie designed to “allow” myself to give up. If I had given up and continued to abuse my body, I wonder where I’d be today? Certainly far fatter and more unhealthy than I ever was, but perhaps much, much worse. In a hospital? Dead? Sure, why not? It happens every day. Even if I were not dead or in the hospital, my quality of life would certainly be almost non-existent compared to what it is today. If you know you have a problem and you allow yourself to give up, then you are sealing your own fate. Why not take control and do something about it before it’s too late?

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