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More tools for your mind.

Friday, August 4, 2006 by  
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Yesterday I talked about some of the mental challenges that we all face as we work towards our fitness goals, and I provided some insight into how I use my mind to help me overcome those obstacles. Today I’d like to continue in that spirit.

By the way, I suggest that each time you read something or discover something on your own that resonates with you and/or creates a positive reaction, think of it as a tool. Add that tool to your mental “tool box”; as you progress you’ll find that you almost always have something tucked away that will help you get through a craving or the temptation to skip a workout. Over the years I’ve accumulated dozens of these little mental widgets, and I don’t hesitate to employ them whenever I need a boost.

This next trick works very well for me. Unless you’ve never exercised in your life, this should work for you, too. I think most of us are familiar with how we feel after skipping a workout: disappointed in ourselves, guilty, negative. Conversely, most of us have also experienced the incredible high that usually accompanies the end of a hard workout. That high we feel is the endorphin rush, combined with the positive mental state of mind that accompanies the completion of a difficult task. It’s a very powerful feeling, and while it’s not quite the instant gratification we’ve all been conditioned to crave, it’s pretty dang close. When you finish a hard workout, you should be hyper-aware: endorphins are coursing through your body and into your brain, your muscles are full, powerful and engorged with blood, your body is drenched in sweat and you know you put it all out there and gave 100% to the task at hand. Man, I get a rush just thinking about it! Savor those moments – freeze them in your mind. The next time you feel like skipping a workout, compare how you feel after skipping a workout to those incredible post-workout highs. I think to myself, “I’m going to feel this way or that way in an hour – the choice is totally up to me.” I skip very few workouts. 🙂

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