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Awesome cheat meal last night; Forum software upgrade coming soon.

Saturday, August 5, 2006 by  
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Last night’s cheat meal was extra tasty because I ate it knowing that I’d worked very hard all week, and that I had more than earned my weekly indulgence. Today it’s back to business: this morning I’ve got my usual cardio workout, and tonight is leg night.

A major update to vBulletin (the forum software that we use on the JSF forums) has been released! There are literally dozens upon dozens of cool new features that I think you all are going to really enjoy. If you want to read about these exciting new features, you can do so here. The upgrade will be a pretty big project, and will require some forum downtime. Once the forums are back up, it will take some additional time to get everything “settled”. Still, I think the effort will be well worth it. I’m going to wait a few weeks before I perform the upgrade because the “skin” that we use on the forums needs to be updated to work with the new version. Also, even though the latest version has undergone months of beta testing I want to wait until some of the inevitable bugs that squeaked through the beta process are squashed. I’ll announce the maintenance window well in advance both here and on the forum in the coming weeks.

I stayed up a little later than usual last night, and this morning I overslept about 30 minutes. I’d better get on the bike now. Have a great Saturday and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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