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Bad John!

Sunday, August 13, 2006 by  
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I had an extra cheat meal last night, and it was a bad one: Fried Chicken & biscuits. I know, I know… Not only have I lost my first point in this month’s 100 Challenge, but I’m also blown up like a water balloon this morning. I’ve only had fried chicken one other time since the early 1990s, and for whatever reason I was craving it last night in a big way. It was very good, but I sure feel rotten this morning. I should have used some Jedi mind tricks and dealt with the craving, but I caved in, and that, as they say, is that. I’m not going to make another mistake like that again this month. I still have 99 points, and that’s how many I’m going to end this challenge with.

I’ve got to get my cardio done, lots to do today! Have a great Sunday and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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