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Outage on my home network.

Monday, August 14, 2006 by  
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I may not be able to update this page for the next few days. Yesterday afternoon there was a loud clap of thunder and a huge explosion right outside our house. The resultant electrical surge took out my HD DVR, my cable modem, my cable service (including Internet), a Cisco 2924 switch, an Ethernet card and my backup 56k modem. I have all my electronics protected by high quality UPS equipment, but the surge entered through the cable line. I bought a new 56k modem to use until the cable service is restored, but then I found that my serial port was also killed by the surge. My second serial port worked, but now my dialup provider is having all kinds of issues and I can not get connected. Right now I am actually dialed in long-distance to a server in Texas. I have no FTP access to the server, so I’m doing this update via SSH. It’s painfully slow, and I keep getting disconnected. Anyway, my cable company says Wednesday at the earliest before service is restored. I’ll try to log in and update if anything changes or the repair winds up taking longer than expected. Also, I’m not getting email, as my email server is located here at the house and I don’t have a backup email server at another location. Again, this outage only affected my home network – JSF and the forums are operating normally.

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