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Still no Internet, more damage discovered.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006 by  
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As expected, I still have no Internet or email this morning (see yesterday’s update). Hopefully by tomorrow afternoon my cable service will be fully restored.

Unfortunately, yesterday I discovered that the electrical surge claimed more than what I originally thought. Also destroyed: a hard drive, a dimmer module and, worst of all, the GFI breaker tripped on our fridge/freezer in the garage. I didn’t discover that the freezer was off until last night. Several hundred dollars worth of chicken, fish, crab and other items are spoiled (the garage is very hot, so it didn’t take long for the temp to rise). We see our fair share of lightning in Florida, by that was by far the closest/most destructive strike I’ve personally experienced since I moved here in 1989. I’m just glad I still have all my computer data!

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