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My home network is back online; Forum upgrade information/update.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006 by  
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I’m back online! I called my cable provider yesterday morning and converted my account to a business class account (work is gladly footing the bill, they’ve been freaking out with me “off-line”), and they had a technician out here within hours. Basically everything from the outside pedestal on was fried: the cable from the pedestal to the outside splitter, the outside splitter, the inside splitter, the HD DVR and my cable modem were all destroyed and had to be replaced. We did lose one hard drive, but I was able to salvage the data. In addition to the above, the surge also destroyed a Cisco 2924 switch, a 10/100 LAN card, a 56k modem, almost 300 bucks worth of food in the garage freezer (tripped GFI outlet) and a dimmer switch.

My mail server is back up, and email has been flooding in practically non-stop since it returned to service last night. I don’t think any mail bounced (the downtime felt like forever, but it was actually only around 52 hours), but it’s going to take me a while to get caught up and read everything.

I was thinking about upgrading the forums this Friday to the latest version, but I think I’m going to wait at least another week. It’s a major upgrade, and there are a few dozen (mostly minor) bugs that will be squashed in the next minor version. If vBulletin releases the bug fix update before Friday I may go through with it, but in all likelihood the upgrade will take place the following Friday. You can expect several hours of downtime while the upgrade is being performed. The new version of the forum software has dozens of improvements and new features. You’re going to love it! Here are some of the new features:

* Multi-Quote
* Linked Quotes
* Mark Forums Read With AJAX
* New Buddy / Ignore List Editor
* Options Backup And Restore
* Private Message Preview In Notification Emails
* Auto-Resize Oversized Image Attachments
* ‘Reason For Editing’ On Quick Edit
* Unique Unsubscribe Link In Emails
* Plugin Manager Sorted By Product
* Save Search Preferences With AJAX
* Infraction System (Warning system)
* Default Sorting Option Per Forum
* Rate Threads With AJAX
* IP Resolution With AJAX
* Improved Proxy Support In Session Handling
* More AJAX Auto-Completion
* Paid Subscription Permissions
* Show Threads Or Posts From Quick Search Popup
* Phrase Types Identified By Field Name Only
* LastPostID Column In User, Thread And Forum Tables
* Extensive Signature Permissions
* Uploadable Signature Image System
* Improved Image Verification (Captcha)
* Enforced Required Profile Fields
* ‘Find Updated Phrases’ System
* Pop-Up List Of Attachments In A Thread
* Validation Of Admin Options
* Product Dependencies Support
* Paid Subscription Logging And Statistics
* APC Support For Datastore
* Description Field For Scheduled Tasks
* RSS Poster Robot allows import of RSS feeds into forums
* Latest version check and product URL for products
* Receive private messages from Buddies only option
* Show private forum option per forum
* Give reputation using AJAX
* Error prevention in upgrades
* Option to disable scheduled tasks
* Parsed signature storage for performance boost
* CRON tasks, profile fields, subs, holidays now phrased
* Option to sort forums by thread creation time
* Super moderator permissions
* Welcome private message at registration
* WYSIWYG front-end editing for announcements
* Plugin execution order control
* Flexible username validation
* Private message quota warning system
* Private message admin quota override ability
* Plain-text BBcode parser
* Cache of syndication data (external.php) for improved speed
* Email logging for diagnostics
* Improved performance in datastore failure handling
* Instant view of deleted / ignored posts using AJAX
* Centralized area to view posts awaiting moderation / deleted
* Admin help, scheduled tasks, FAQ now include product support
* CCBill support for paid subscriptions
* Attachment permissions per usergroup
* List posts / threads selected for inline moderation
* Full BCC support in private messages
* Podcasting support
* Atomic flood checking
* Image verification (Captcha) for guest posting
* Thumbnail display options – border / dimensions etc.
* Copy posts using inline moderation
* Announcements show when viewing new posts
* New built-in option types
* Resume paused attachment downloads
* Better webserver logging for POST requests
* Automatically remove thread redirects after set time
* Announcement DataManager
* Persistent D.O.B cookie for COPPA
* Improved master / slave database support
* Improved RSS syndication system

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