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Bulking plans.

Saturday, August 19, 2006 by  
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My 2006 bulk starts in less than two weeks, so today I’ll be stocking up on food and planning my meals.

I had such good results last year using SwoleCat’s SUP2 bulking program that doing it again this year is a no-brainer. For the next three or four months I’ll be eating tons of chicken, fish, steak, veggies, brown rice, potatoes, bread, oatmeal, egg whites, natural peanut butter and olive oil. Of course my protein powder of choice is Nitrean from AtLarge Nutrition.

My training split will be as follows (pending SwoleCat’s approval):

Monday: Weight training: chest & abs
Tuesday: Weight training: back & traps
Wednesday: Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic)
Thursday: Weight training: delts
Friday: Weight training: biceps & triceps
Saturday: Weight training: legs
Sunday: Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic)

So, that’s the plan for now. I’ll post again when everything is final. I’d better get going, lots to do today!

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