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One week to go: Bulk 2006!

Friday, August 25, 2006 by  
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I’m so excited: in just one week I’ll be starting my 2006 bulking program! Bulking is a lot of hard work, but I enjoy it a great deal. The amount of food I eat while bulking is staggering, and my energy levels are always very high. My bulking workouts are extremely demanding, but with all the high-quality calories I consume I’ve got plenty of fuel to overcome each challenge. Because I enjoy lifting so much, I also welcome the 5-day “on”, 2-day “off” split. I find that working each muscle group once per week gives me the best results, so splitting those muscle groups over five workouts allows me to hit each group hard, with plenty of volume and with total focus. I respond best to this style of training when it comes to pure hypertrophy gains (which is not to say that everyone reading this will respond the same way. Experiment, find what works for you!)

These are the training principles I’ll be following this year while bulking:

  • 3-4 exercises per body part (with certain exceptions, such as traps and calves).
  • 4 sets per exercise.
  • 10-12 reps per set.
  • Keep it intense: 1 minute rest between sets, 2 minutes rest between exercises. I take 2 minutes between sets for squats and deads. I do supersets for my biceps and triceps.
  • Strict form.
  • Approximately 2 second concentric, squeeze, 3 second eccentric.
  • Mind/muscle connection at all times – FOCUS.
  • Change exercises every 3 weeks or so.

I mentioned this earlier this month, but for the sake of completeness here is the split I’ll be using for the next 3-4 months:

Monday: Weight training: chest & abs
Tuesday: Weight training: back
Wednesday: Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic)
Thursday: Weight training: delts, traps & calves
Friday: Weight training: biceps & triceps
Saturday: Weight training: quads & hamstrings
Sunday: Stationary bike, 45 mins (aerobic)

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