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Want bigger arms? Here’s my killer arm workout, but you better be ready to work.

Saturday, August 26, 2006 by  
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Because my bulk starts this coming Friday, and Friday will now be my bicep/tricep superset training day, I’m going to have to change my current split to my bulking split starting today. My nutrition intake will not change to “bulking mode” until Friday, just my training split will change starting today. The reason is because presently I am working my triceps on Monday, and my biceps on Wednesday. If I continue with that split next week, then my biceps, forearms and possibly even my triceps will still be very sore on Friday – hardly an ideal way to head into a grueling 384 rep antagonistic superset arm workout!

384 reps may sound like a lot, but as I mentioned yesterday, my body responds very well to high volume workouts. For my arms, I do 4 “antagonistic” supersets (moving immediately from tricep to bicep with no rest) per pair of exercises, 24 reps (12 bi/12 tri) per superset and 4 exercises per muscle group (4 supersets * 24 reps * 4 exercises = 384 reps). I rest 1 minute between each superset, 2 minutes between each exercise. Let me tell you, this workout is absolutely brutal, but it gets results. Last year I utilized this training method and my arms grew from 16 inches to 17.5 inches in the space of three months. After cutting down to ~8% body fat, my arms are presently right at 17 inches (cold), for a net gain of a good solid inch. This year I expect my arms to grow to well over 18 inches (cold), and approaching 20 inches with a full pump.

If you want your arms to grow, I suggest giving antagonistic supersets a try. Of course you’ll be wasting your time if your nutritional intake is not designed for growth, so be sure to eat a surplus of clean, healthy food and that your PWO nutrition is rich in quality, lean protein and carbs. If you are not eating to grow, you will not gain size. Also, for maximum results, it’s important to get plenty of rest each night and to stay away from alcohol.

I change my superset exercises around every three weeks. Here’s just one of my arm workouts (in fact, this is the workout I’ll be starting this year’s bulk off with):

Superset #1: Machine Preacher Curls & Cable Pressdowns (4 supersets of 12/12 reps)
Superset #2: EZ-Bar Curls & Standing EZ-Bar French Curls (4 supersets of 12/12 reps)
Superset #3: DB Hammer Curls & Standing DB Extensions (4 supersets of 12/12 reps)
Superset #4: Cable Curls & Weighted Bench Dips (4 “burnout” supersets)*

*I like to finish off my bicep/tricep workouts by completely toasting my arms with “burnout” supersets. These are finishing moves designed to completely fatigue the arms. I do each exercise until I physically can’t complete another rep, switch to the antagonistic muscle group, repeat, rest one minute and do it again. I try to use a weight that allows me to do 15-30 reps per set. So I guess this pushes my workouts to well over 400 reps. Anyway, when you finish this workout, you better not be able to lift your arms.

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