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Questions about my arm workout answered.

Sunday, August 27, 2006 by  
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Ah, a much needed day of rest! This past week I managed to put together a string of excellent weight training workouts, and today I’m feeling pretty spent. Lisa is going out with some friends, so I’ll probably get my cardio done and then lay around the house doing, oh, pretty much nothing. Sounds great to me!

I received quite a bit of email in response to yesterday’s update, in which I detailed my brutal biceps & triceps workout. Thank you for all the positive feedback! I’m glad everyone seemed to like the article. We’ll see how much you like me after you try the workout. evil There were a few questions, but mostly people wanted me to post more articles detailing my other workouts. I’ll see what I can do!

As for the questions, I think I can hit most of them with a few bullets:

  • Yes, you move from biceps to triceps with ZERO rest in between. That’s the whole idea behind supersets. Yes, I know it’s difficult!
  • Form is critical. Check your ego at the door. You want to use the heaviest weight you can lift with perfect form for 10-12 reps.
  • Don’t cheat. Don’t use momentum to help lift the weight. This workout is not designed for powerlifters, it’s for people who want to add mass.
  • Mind-muscle connection means you are focused on the muscle(s) being used to lift the weight. Start with light weights if you have trouble feeling this connection. It will come with practice. It’s important, so don’t ignore this piece of advice.
  • The cadence I use is 2 seconds on the concentric, 3 seconds on the eccentric with hard squeeze between the two phases of the movement.
  • The rest intervals between supersets should be no more than 1 minute. You’ll probably still be breathing hard when it’s time to go again; it’s OK. You’ll live.
  • No, puking is not an acceptable excuse to cut the workout short.
  • Change your exercises every 3 weeks.

Except for a few silly questions, I think that covers most of what I was asked. Have fun!

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