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No Internet. No email. Again.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006 by  
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For the second time this month I have no Internet service and no email. I’m sending this update to the JSF servers over a horrible 28kbps dial-up connection that keeps disconnecting. I’ve been without Internet service (aside from my backup dial-up service) since 12:30 PM yesterday afternoon. It’s been very frustrating, because the problem is on the end of my cable provider, and they can’t seem to figure it out. I keep calling and they always say, “Oh, yes! That issue? Our engineers have informed us that the problem was resolved. You should be fine now!” NO! That’s happened four times now. Each time they go down their “dummy card” list and force me to perform their usual trouble-shooting steps (anyone who’s reasonably proficient with computers and networks knows how frustrating it is talking to level-1 or level-2 support people). After 20 minutes of slowly repeating the same steps that I’ve been through a million times, the tech support people always proudly exclaim, “Yes – it seems there is still a problem!” With the satisfaction oozing from their voices, one would think they’d just perfected the gravity drive. rolleyes

Sorry, I had to vent. I’m going to go get on the bike and ride some of this irritation out. Have a great day!

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