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Server problem this morning; First bulking workout; A couple new pictures.

Saturday, September 2, 2006 by  
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We experienced some issues with one of the JSF servers early this morning. Everything seems to be OK now, but it is possible that we may be dealing with a failing piece of hardware. I have spare servers/parts on-hand at all times, and I’ll be monitoring things closely over the weekend. If needed, I may have to take the web site & forum down while hardware is tested and, if needed, swapped out. Thanks for your understanding.

Yesterday was my first day of my 2006 bulk, and it was about as perfect as it could be. I really enjoyed the new foods I’m eating (and the massive quantities), and I couldn’t have asked for a better workout (biceps/triceps). I posted a detailed post-workout entry to my photo journal, along with a couple of silly starting pictures (thanks to my playful dogs).

I’d better get going – lots to do today and this morning’s server problem has set me back about an hour. Tonight is leg night, so I need to start fueling my body because it’s going to be brutal!

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