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Server problems continue – expect brief downtime today; Last night’s leg workout.

Sunday, September 3, 2006 by  
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We experienced some server problems again early this morning. I was able to do a bit more digging this time, and at this point I’m pretty sure it’s not a hardware problem. Today I will be taking the forums down for about an hour to do some detailed systems checks and software/security upgrades. I’ve also disabled the JSF Mall as a troubleshooting measure, as that’s the only newer piece of software on the system. Thanks for your patience, I’ll have this problem resolved soon enough.

Last night was my first leg workout of my 2006 bulk, and it was unreal! It was easily the best leg workout I’ve had in recent memory. My leg workouts when I’m cutting are very tough for me. I guess because the legs are such a huge muscle group, when I’m cutting I almost always have to fight through a sort of weak feeling that sets in after the first few sets. Last night I felt so strong and full of power that I couldn’t get enough! I kept adding weight after each set and pumping out extra reps. When my planned workout was complete, I was so energized and happy that I added an additional 4 sets of DB lunges. I’m not kidding around, I’m going to need crutches just to check the mail this week. This morning – a mere 12 hours after my workout – I had trouble getting out of bed. Now that I’m up and moving it’s not too bad…yet! I hope I’m able to do deadlifts on Tuesday. 🙂

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