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Titan/Fitcore news; Bulking status update.

Thursday, September 7, 2006 by  
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If you’ve been waiting for my review of the Titan Home Gym, your wait is almost over. I’ve been working very hard on the review, and at this point there are just a few minor tweaks, adjustments and a bit of polishing left to do. Also, Fitcore’s brand new web site is nearly ready for launch! I’ve seen the site, and it’s really something special. You can expect the new Fitcore web site and my review to launch next week.

In anticipation of my Titan review and the new Fitcore web site, I’ve updated the Titan Information thread with lots of new options, a new Option Package and new pricing. Don’t worry, none of the prices have gone up! In fact the price on the base Titan and the prices on all the options have been slightly reduced, thanks to the group buying power of JSF members who have already purchased a Titan. I’m especially excited about Option “T” – it’s a T-bar row attachment that I suggested to Fitcore and even helped design. The back-story behind the birth of this new attachment is interesting, but I’m going to save it for my Titan review.

The first week of my bulk is almost done, and so far I’m very pleased with my weight gain. I think this year’s bulk is going to be much cleaner than last year’s bulk. The adjustments SwoleCat made to my diet seem to be right on target!

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